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Based on more than 20 years experience in the export to Europe and US Market, we are familiar with the food laws and regulations from these markets. Shanghai Richfield and all our production facilities are paying serious attention to the quality control. After many years efforts, we became one of the most reliable suppliers in China for the safety and quality consistency. Our standard for food safety is same as that in Europe and US.

After nearly 20 years export of ingredients to Europe and US, we believe we also have the ability to develop high quality finished products for retail market. Until now Freeze drying technology maybe the best way to preserve nutrition of foodstuffs. For this reason, we develop a lot of healthy snacks, especially for baby and kids.

This market in China is booming up because every year about 15 million new baby will be born in China. Our products are so popular because before our products are launched, there is no similar products in Chinese market. We also believe there is big demand in other counties.
Now we are producing 3 categories:
Yogurt Melt : by using advanced freeze drying technology, we produce the Yogurt into Yogurt melt which is most suitable for baby. The Yogurt Melt contains protein and Probiotics as the Yogurt. But it can be melt in the mouth of Baby easily. So it can bring both nutrition and delicacy to the babies.

Fruit Chips: by using freeze drying technology, we take the just picked fresh fruits and finish the production within 24 hours. It can highly preserve the freshness and nutrition of the fruits. The FD Fruit Chips are so healthy because nothing is added during production – no additive, no color, no flavor, no preservative. Just fresh fruits ! It is good by baby, but also good for you.

Puree Candy: a truth we should give you is --- most of the fruit candy in the market contains no fruit at all—all the color and flavor comes from additive, colors and flavors. We decide to produce true fruit candy – we call it Puree Candy. The reason is simple, we use real fruit puree to produce the Candy. So the taste is smooth and true. Let us not cheat the mouth anymore. Giving the real taste !



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