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AD green bell pepper

Shanghai Richfield is the biggest producer and exporter of dehydrated Bell Pepper in China in recent several years. The reason is simple: we are the most professional producer in this item.


Our Air Dried Green Bell Pepper is made from clean and freshly harvested green bell pepper, which is carefully washed, trimmed, diced and air dried. During the sorting procedure, product has been passed through destoner, static electricity hair remover, color sorter, laser sorter, 13000 gauss high power magnets in eleven stages of the processing line, twice hand sorting to eliminate dark pieces and foreign materials, and finally through high sensitivity metal detector before packing.


Besides Bell Pepper Flake/Dice, we can also provide different Bell Pepper Granules because we have advanced milling system imported from US, Germany. With own in-house lab, we can also produce steam treated AD red bell pepper with low microbiological levels.



Red Bell Pepper Flake 3/8”, Red Bell Pepper Flake 1/4”

Red Bell Pepper Dice 9x9mm, Red Bell Pepper Dice 6x6mm

Red Bell Pepper Granules -8+40, -8+20

Green Bell Pepper Granules -8+40, -8+20

Red Bell Pepper Granules 1mm, 3mm, fine

Green Bell Pepper Granules 1mm, 3mm, fine



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