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Shanghai Richfield was established in year 2003. Our owners have being specialized in the business of dehydrated and freezedried vegetables/fruits from year 1993. During more than 20 years, under an efficient management and clearly defined busin-ess values, Shanghai Richfield builds up a good reputation in US and European markets and became the leading firm in China.

We understand the demand of purchase from our customers – to be simple, to be easy. To be good quality but should be cheap.
We know our customer want the finished products imported from China and can be delivered directly to their customers, without any further cleaning or re-processing after arrival of the goods.To achieve this goal, we are doing:

Advance equipment: In order to produce blended products, we import the best machinery from Europe and USA: we are using “Best” brand Laser Sorter Imported from Belgium, “Key Technology” Camera Sorter from US, Miller from US, Sieving from Germany, Lifting tubes from Italy, Metal detectors from Germany, etc.. To be simple, the equipments we are using are of same high level as the good factories in Europe and US.

Food Safety: We understand the goods we deliver to our customer is the finished products and need no further cleaning and processing. In order to guarantee consistent and safe products to our customer, we have a whole system to guarantee the food safety. Besides various equipment and good production environment, we have more than 100 kinds of documents to record and supervise each procedure of the production.

Blending and Granulation for Seasoning, Sauce, Meat industry, Bakery, Spice Industry:

1. Green Bell Pepper Granules -8+40, 1mm, 3mm

2. Red Bell Pepper Granules -8+40, 1mm, 3mm

3. Mixed Green Bell Pepper and Red Bell Pepper Dice, Granules

4. Mixed Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Granules ( Light RBP Granules )

5. Mixed Bell Pepper and Celery Granules

6. Carrot Granules -8+40, 1-3mm

7. Mixed Freeze dried Chive, Onion, Garlic Dice

8. Blending according to the demand of customers



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