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Based on more than 20 years experience in the export to Europe and US Market, we are familiar with the food laws and regulations from these markets. Shanghai Richfield and all our production facilities are paying serious attention to the quality control. After many years efforts, we became one of the most reliable suppliers in China for the safety and quality consistency. Our standard for food safety is same as that in Europe and US.

Shanghai Richfield was established in year 2003. Our owners have being specialized in the business of dehydrated
and freeze dried vegetables/fruits from year 1993. During more than 20 years, under an efficient management and
clearly defined business values, Shanghai Richfield builds up a good reputation in US and European markets
and became the leading firm in China.

Premium Quality:

The 3 facilities of Shanghai Richfield are strategically located in the places of origin of vegetables/fruits in
China, which guarantee the most fresh raw material for production. Accompanied by the most advanced
machinery, good traceability system and great experience in FD/AD production, we can provide
high quality products worldwide.


Based on 20 years experience in this business, well trained staffs, state-of-art equipments, as well as long
term co-operation with suppliers and buyers, we are doing the most professional work in this business.


Shandong Richfield and Xuzhou Richfield are HACCP certified by SGS, third party audits by BRC(A grade)., etc..
Most importantly, we are approved by many multinational companies.

We fully understand the food safety becomes a critical issue for our industry. For this reason, we have set up
large scale contracted planting fields to have good control on pesticide residues and heavy metal.


We believe the staffs are the biggest treasure of a company. Besides being reliable to our clients, we also know
the importance to be responsible to our staffs. Our factories have
We understand the reliability is related not only to quality, service but also the fulfillment of contracts. Shanghai
Richfield honors the contracts with our customer for long term and always has good reputation in world
market been approved by Sedex for social responsibility.
( SEDEX: Supplier Ethical Data ExchangeSedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a not for profit membership
organization dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply
chains. - See more at: http://www.sedexglobal.com/#sthash.8qbTi9if.dpuf )

Shanghai Richfield International Co., Ltd

Located in the business center of China--Shanghai city, Shanghai Richfield is specialized in marketing, sales and financial.

Xuzhou Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co., Ltd

Located in Xuzhou city, north of Jiangsu province, is dedicated to freeze dried production and nutraceutical ingredients.

Shandong Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co., Ltd

Located in Shandong province, the biggest garlic production area in all China, Shandong Richfield is one of the biggest factories in China for dehydrated vegetables. Equipped with the advanced machinery, Shandong Richfield is one of the most modern and competitive factory in China.

Inner Mongolia Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co., Ltd

Strategically located in Linhe city, Inner Mongolia. It is the biggest factory in China for dehydrated Bell Pepper and Tomato.



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