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Shanghai Richfield was established in year 2003. Our owners have being specialized in the business of dehydrated and freezedried vegetables/fruits from year 1993. During more than 20 years, under an efficient management and clearly defined busin-ess values, Shanghai Richfield builds up a good reputation in US and European markets and became the leading firm in China.

Steam Sterilization

To supply micro. favorable products, usually there are 3 ways:

1. Irradiation by Co60

2. Microwave sterilization

3. Steam Sterilization

We can do the irradiation according to the request of our customer. But for those countries where no irradiation is permitted, we are proud that we have in-house

Steam sterilization line and can reduce the micro to a favorable level. Take an example of dehydrated Red Bell Pepper Flake: if the TPC is about 200,000/g,

after steam sterilization, the TPC can be around 10,000-20,000/g. Meantime, as

We have good experience in controlling the timing and temperature, the change of color is little.



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