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Shanghai Richfield was established in year 2003. Our owners have being specialized in the business of dehydrated and freezedried vegetables/fruits from year 1993. During more than 20 years, under an efficient management and clearly defined busin-ess values, Shanghai Richfield builds up a good reputation in US and European markets and became the leading firm in China.

Richfield Group is the leader in China for dehydrated vegetables and spices. We have 2 own factories – Shandong Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co and Inner Mongolia Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co Ltd. By providing wide range dehydrated vegetables and spices at high quality, Richfield plays an important role in Chinese export market.

Our goal is simple:

to produce same high quality dehydrated products as that in European but at much competitive price from China.

Premier quality:

Our factories are HACCP certificated by SGS, B grade by third party audit of BRC. Most importantly, we are approved by many multinational companies. Every year we will have more than 10 times audits by 2nd party and 3rdpart audits. We are making continuous improves after each audit through corrective actions.

Strictly following GMP, SSOP and HACCP, our quality control starts from harvesting to the entire production process to ensure our clients satisfaction.We are proud we are equipped with the same advanced machinery as that in Europe, such as Laser sorter from Belgium, 9 Metal detectors from Germany, Granulation dicers from US, 3 Camera sorters from US, In-house steam sterilization line. We are able to supply products with favorable microbiological levels,free from foreign matter and various sizes in finished products.

For food safety, we have SGS as contracted pest-control executor, who will do the pest control for our factories 20 times each year.

Competitive Chinese Pricing:

As we produce the goods from the first step --- from harvesting to drying & processing and final blending and packing. The price we offer to you is the first-hand offer in China.

More importantly, as we are running the production on big scale --- annually several thousand tons of Garlic & Onion products and another several thousand tons of Bell Pepper, Tomato and Carrot, our production cost is much lower than others.

We prefer to invest more to purchase the most advanced machinery from Germany, USA and UK to improve our efficiency. Compare with other labor-intensive factories, we are much competitive.

Our goal is simple, to provide clean and finished products to our clients which need no further re-cleaning after arrival--- Just like the goods you purchased from the factories in Europe. You can sell it directly to your customer after arrival.

Wide Variety and mixed delivery:

Shanghai Richfield has a wide range of products of more than 70 kinds to supply. We are strong in Asparagus, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chives, Mushrooms, Garlic, Onion, Spinach, Tomato...etc. So not only we can supply dehydrated products to our customer, we can also provide a supply solution package to our customer – you can buy mixed items from us in one shipment. Just make the purchase of ingredient easily for our customers!

Value added products:

By the advanced equipment imported from US and Europe, we can do the milling and blending to meet the unique requirement from our customers.
We are producing various blending, mixture and Granules for meat, seasoning, dressing and spice industry.


A complex traceability system was set up to provide our customers with safe and clean products. We control the quality from farming, processing to final shipment, supported by a great number of records for each steps. Within 2 hours, we can finish the traceability exercise according to carton number or lot number.



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