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Based on more than 20 years experience in the export to Europe and US Market, we are familiar with the food laws and regulations from these markets. Shanghai Richfield and all our production facilities are paying serious attention to the quality control. After many years efforts, we became one of the most reliable suppliers in China for the safety and quality consistency. Our standard for food safety is same as that in Europe and US.

New Laser Sorter from Belgium

Since first step into FD and AD industry, higher product qualification has always been one of our eternal goals that we do our best to pursue. Only quality and safety of products can guarantee our success in this business. For that reason, recently we imported a new double-camera laser sorter from Belgium, which will more effectively improve the quality of final product and the efficiency in foreign material removing compared with before, especially for products which might have foreign materials wrapped in, such as dehydrated bell peppers flakes, dehydrated tomato flakes and dehydrated spinach flakes.


Actual new laser sorter is the same brand as last one, brand BEST, only the laser sorter we use before is single camera while now that we use has double cameras. With double camera laser sorter, the scanned surface of the dehydrated vegetable flakes/granules will be doubled, increasing the foreign material selection effectiveness, removing a high percentage of foreign material, with special effectiveness in glasses, stone, and metals. This machine is suitable and effective for all kind of dehydrated vegetables in different cut size, it is designed to treat the “hard” ones of the family, like dehydrated bell pepper, dehydrated tomato and dehydrated spinach flakes mentioned before.