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Based on more than 20 years experience in the export to Europe and US Market, we are familiar with the food laws and regulations from these markets. Shanghai Richfield and all our production facilities are paying serious attention to the quality control. After many years efforts, we became one of the most reliable suppliers in China for the safety and quality consistency. Our standard for food safety is same as that in Europe and US.

New Freeze Dried Factory

Based on 20 years in freeze dried and dehydration industry, well trained staffs, state-of-art equipments as well as long term cooperation with suppliers and buyers, we are doing the most professional work in this business.

Our freeze dried factory, Xuzhou Richfield, was set up in year 2002, the facility is located in the richest place of origin for asparagus, garlic, mushroom, spinach and onion, as well as fruits like peach, apricot….etc. Advantaged by the location, we can use the just-picked vegetables/fruits for FD production. After many years in operation and improvements, this factory is now approved by many multinational companies like Nestlé, McCormick, and other 2nd and 3rd parties. And all this is definitely due to the fact that the products we manufacture and supply are absolutely qualified and trusted by clients.

The volume exported of freeze dried products, in special products like freeze dried asparagus, freeze dried broccoli, freeze dried spinach, is under a stable and persistent increase because of the highly consistent quality and trusts from our clients. As our market share is growing, Xuzhou Richfield’s output capacity can no longer satisfy actual output requirements. For this reason, we started to set up a new freeze dried factory in Shandong area with the mission to cover actual output gap.

Right now a new FD workshop, which covers an area of 800 square meters in Shandong, is under construction and will be completed soon. This brand new facility has four whole processing lines and will focus on manufacturing freeze dried mushroom, freeze dried asparagus including white asparagus and green asparagus with several cut sizes available, such as slices, granules, dices, tips, powder and etc. Then the output and efficiency of freeze dried products definitely will be highly increased. Besides, a quick freeze processing line is planned and will be built as well in the near future. Equipped with many advanced equipments purchased from abroad same as Xuzhou Richfield, the quality and safety of our products are definitely guaranteed.